Rawr:3 The name's Tessa

Oct 11

Tressemé platinum strength shampoo and conditioner

Garnier BB cream

New stufffff(:

Oct 09


"He’s fooled the world, he’s fooled the world!"

He really has, Lou

Sep 21

Marley earphones wow.

Can I marry these?

Sep 21

HB, 2B, 4B and 8B pencils(:
Large putty eraser :)

Sep 20

Rose Bowl, 11/09/14

Through the Dark 

Sep 20

19.9.14 +

Sep 20

One Direction: Who We Are: Our Official Autobiography →

I am so excited to hear the boys read their own autobiography because it’ll soothe me and Niall’s accent, Louis’ gay tinge, Zayn’s raspiness, Liam’s smoothness and the speed of Harry’s oh god I’m excited

Sep 13

Happy 21st Birthday!

I’m not crying, I have Niall Horan in my eyes :(((

Sep 07

Artistic 🎨

Sep 01
Hello Autumn(:

Hello Autumn(:

Aug 16


Those precious fucks

Aug 16


Territorial protective Louis, at it again.

Aug 16
Aug 16
Aug 16